Make The Pledge To Drive Safely.


Vowing to drive sober and never text behind the wheel is an important commitment for everyone. From adults to youth, let us commit to driving sober for the safety and health of family, friends, and the community. With the Drive Sober Vow, we endeavor to build a society of faithful sober drivers who never text while driving and are held accountable by their vow and signature to honor everyone’s right to safety. LEARN MORE ABOUT US >

“The Golden Rule” Matt. 7:12

The “Greatest Small Investment” + A viable method towards tragedy prevention.

Guard your liabilities and protect the ones you love. Hold family members and employees accountable by their signature.

Program Member Testimonials

“DSV certainly grabbed our kids attention – and signing their certificates was taken very seriously.”

“On this important issue, taking the vow really helped our son to get his mind around it.”

“Thanks Kody & Autumn, our kids needed to hear this. We trust their vow to be from the heart”

“The drivers in our family listened, got a new perspective, and vowed to never be guilty of endangering others”

“We signed the certificate together and felt an increased sense of responsibility toward keeping the vow”

“With their honor & integrity on the line, our drivers held themselves accountable not to disappoint us, and as corporate fleet managers we feel better about it.”